Poopara – Rock with Flowers

The Land at the barriers of wind, the western ghats which is filled with minerals, naturality, the beauty, Herbs and the Silence

As such, Poopara is my favorite travelling spot for riding because it’s a riders heaven on earth as I feel it. When I’m there, I see greenery and feel the peace, love and calmness from that place that is one of the beautiful spots which I felt during my life. Most of those places are very beautiful and surrounded by cardamon. I could feel the smell of cardamon everywhere.

People were very hard working and they are mainly used to planting cardamon, one of the best spices of the Kerala. Then I decided to roam around Poopara, where you get a refreshing air and wonderful scenery. Wild animals like elephants and foxes are the main hazards for the people who live in Poopara, but the people are used it and they know how to survive. They know the true nature of the animals. Often, these animal cause issues to the cardamon fields, but with the unity of people, they’re overcome.

The Main thing  I loved is climatic condition in the place Poopara yeah (rock with a plethora of flowers). As a human being looking for a peaceful place, Poopara is the ultimate destination. We can go there and get the freshness from there. During the flood period, Poopara Gave shelter to people who suffered from flood and yet the land is still filled with heritage, healthy food and refreshing air. When I was riding on my Classic 350, my heart beat up for freshness. A complete heaven for a rider or biker. Roads are a little bit jerky but it’s okay to ride.

This place is border to Tamil Nadu and Kerala. I only get good vibes from the each and every hill I climb, but never any lackluster.

Poopara is the boundary of Mathikettan Shola National Park which has got variety of spices, plants and animals.

Tourist Spots in Poopara :

  1. Anayirankal Dam
  2. Mathikettan Shola National Park
  3. Elephant Abode Boating Center
  4. Devikulam Lake


How to reach Poopara:

Munnar, Kerala 685612 India around 31.5 km about 1 hour 20 mins

  1. Head South On Munnar – Udumalpett Rd (0.5km) towards general hosp road pass by classical hair lines (on the left)
  2. Turn Left At Trip For Kerala on NH85(30.7km)
  3. Sharp Right : 0.2km

Precautions and Safety Tips For Bike Riders:

  1. Check The Tyre Pressure
  2. For Riders I Prefer Full Set Biker Jackets because roads are mainly curvy.
  3. For a Better Ride,Ride on day time and I don’t suggest to rides on night times.

Climatic Conditions:

  1. Weather 23 degree Celsius, Wind E at 5 km/h,77 % humidity
  2. Region in And Around Munnar Varies In Height from 1500m(4921ft) above sea level
  3. Altitude of 1820m above mean sea level
  4. Latitude and Longitude are 10.1555°N, 77.01855°

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